Finance for millennials

This is the finance blog which will teach you how to compound your wisdom and money at a high rate of return.

My name is James. I am an analyst with experience in PE and corporate finance in London along with PERE in Shanghai.

Money Generation XYZ is my platform to help millennials make the correct financial decisions. It is a community of like-minded millennials pursuing financial freedom. Our combined knowledge and wealth has the power to change the world. Afterall, money makes the world go round.

Old money can’t figure us out

New money is a movement for good – we are collaborative, conscious of our money and our environment. We want to retire now and we are in constant pursuit of this ambition even though it is ever more unreachable. That’s why we need to join together and generate our own wealth.

Why did I move away from my dream career in London where I was being paid double what I earn now? Because on a per-hour basis I was being paid the same. It was obvious to me that I’d be able to generate a better return on my time and my life if I utilised my after work hours focusing on entrepreneurship, my own stock research and reading rather than making partners rich.


Time is money says the proverb, but turn it around and you get a precious truth. Money is time.

– George Gissing

Value through and through

I have since used the knowledge gained from devouring finance and investing literature and have found my niche. I am a value investor and a value preacher. Not only that, but I want to teach you how to value businesses. I have already made mistakes on my journey but at least I can teach you some of the pitfalls. Ultimately, I am a disciple of compound interest. The sooner you understand this concept the quicker you’ll become a billionaire.

The means to the end

I am fortunate enough to be on the path to financial freedom and I want to help you do the same. You can follow in my footsteps by working hard, taking a chance, believing in yourself, side hustling, networking, budgeting and investing smartly.

This blog will teach you my key strategies during my journey to a million whilst offering you tips and sharing my thoughts and ideas on the different financial options available to us all.

We must always remember one key tenet before we proceed however, it’s something that took me a few years to realise, money is the means to freedom – not the end.

Welcome to Money Generation XYZ – finance for millennials. Enjoy!

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